Liver Disease

The number of people affected by liver disease is rapidly increasing in the UK and cirrhosis due to alcohol is now the fifth largest cause of death. Abnormal liver blood tests are often detected by GPs as part of a general health check and need not indicate that you are drinking too much - far from it! Medications, being overweight, or other illnesses can often be identified as the cause by a Gastroenterologist or Hepatologist. Many diseases of the liver can cause scarring of the liver which, over many years, can cause cirrhosis and associated complications. Such diseases can be treated at an early stage and delay or prevent such a problem occurring, so referral to a specialist is recommended. . The following information sheets, many of which are published by the award-winning charity The British Liver Trust, give very helpful insight for patients and their families. - Designed by Oldroyd Publishing Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved