Fees & Payment

My Medical Billing and Collection Service is operated by Trust Health Ltd who handle all accounts enquiries and can be contacted as follows:
Telephone          01403 241484
Email                 accounts@trusthealth.co.uk
Cheques are to be made payable to “Trust Health Ltd” and should be sent, addressed to me by name, c/o The Clementine Churchill Hospital, with the invoice number written on the reverse.

BACS payments can be made using the following bank details:
Sort Code                   601014                   
Account Number        87802163     
Account Name           Trust Health Ltd Client No 5

If you prefer to pay by credit or debit card, please give your card details to me at the time of consultation or submit to Trust Health Ltd on-line using the following link http://trusthealth.co.uk/make-a-payment/ Please note that credit card payments incur a 2% surcharge.

Any patient who consults or is treated by a consultant in the private medical sector will be personally responsible for the payment of all their consultant’s fees and a financial contract exists between them. In many instances patients have private medical insurance that will fully reimburse them for their medical fees.

If you are using private healthcare insurance, most insurance companies require a referral letter from your GP to me before you attend your first appointment with me. Alternatively, your insurance company may have recommended me to you as an experienced specialist particularly suited to your healthcare needs. You'll need to bring along details of your insurance company, your policy number and your claim or pre-authorisation number with you to the appointment. Always enquire with your insurance company as to whether there are any restrictions on your policy cover and please note that insurance companies do not necessarily reimburse you for all fees. There are often exclusions within these policies (i.e. specific medical conditions, outpatient allowances or payment by the patient of an initial excess amount). Consequently, there may be shortfalls in the insurance reimbursement that the patient receives for the consultant’s fees. In the event that there is a shortfall, it is borne by the patient who is personally liable to the consultant for his/her fees and should be settled with Dr Pitcher directly, as he works independently and is not employed or paid by the private hospital or insurance companies.

Following Care Quality Commission and General Medical Council best practice guidelines, consultants should inform patients about their fees and charges, and specifically whether their fees will be in line with Insurance companies’ Benefit Limits. Feel free to discuss this with Dr Pitcher during your consultation. You may also contact Amanda, my secretary, for a fee estimate or if you need any clarification in respect of my charges. Payment may be requested on the day of consultation.

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UK patients with private medical insurance

UK patients without medical insurance

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